Two-time Grammy Award-winner, Lani Hall Alpert, started her singing career in 1966.


While still just a teenager, Lani was discovered by Sergio Mendes at a local Chicago nightclub where he asked her to be the lead singer for the new group he was putting together called, Brasil ’66.  Lani was whisked off to Los Angeles, where, just 5 months later, Brasil ‘66 was signed to A&M Records by the co-founder of the label (and Lani’s future husband), music legend Herb Alpert. While Lani performed throughout the world her rich imagination traveled with her, and her past was never far from her consciousness. While Lani’s singing career took her on the road, she also focused on her writing—committing to the page her personal impressions of the world around her, as well as a great deal of poetry. Writing has always come just as naturally to Lani as music. Even as a young girl, she was already a passionate poet. As she moved through her life experiences, she traveled with pen in hand, expressing her private feelings and thoughts. Sergio Mendes further expanded her writing career by asking Lani to write the English lyrics for many of the band’s Brazilian songs. 

Lani has the distinction of recording more than 22 albums in three different languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), 4 alongside her husband since 1973, music legend Herb Alpert, and in 1983, she sang the title song for the James Bond film, Never Say Never Again. In 1986 Hall Alpert walked away with her first Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Performance for her album, Es Facil Amar.

After establishing a successful solo career in music, and becoming a wife and mother, Lani began to explore new creative outlets for her writing. In the early 1980’s, while singing in Mexico City, she started writing short stories in order to empty her mind of the images that lived inside of her. 

At the peak of her success in the mid-80s, Lani contracted a debilitating case of Epstein Barr Virus, and was forced to take a reprieve from performing. Losing the energy to sing was devastating to Lani. In her own words, “Whether I write or sing, it’s to ‘clear myself.’ I feel a pressure building inside of me, and I have to sing or put it on paper to release it.” Lacking the physical stamina to express herself through song, Lani poured her heart and imagination onto the printed page. Her short story, Inland, addresses this difficult period of her life.


Written over the course of more than 30 years, Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories, marks Lani’s debut into the world of literature, assembling 10 short stories of both fiction and non-fiction, tied together by an intimate narrative with the city of Chicago as the backdrop.  Her writing process is similar to her singing process in so far as she can visually see a song/lyric unfold before her. In writing, she can see the storyline as it plays out, as if she were watching a movie. 

Her characters are intelligent, modern women struggling with the challenges of personal growth and change, in relationship to themselves and to others.  Some of them facing adultery, psycho-therapy, cosmetic surgery, postpartum depression and their own sexuality.  

Lou Adler describes Lani’s book as “free-form as a jazz piece, weaving in and out of intriguing situations and indelible characters. She writes as she sings, with emotion and passion.” 

Lani enjoys spending time with her three children and six grandchildren, and she lives with her husband in Southern California, where she continues to write and sing.

And now, with the release of her audio book, Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories, Hall Alpert has mixed her two creative expressions to make one total experience.  With her emotional narration at the forefront, Lani has placed a unique, musically scored soundtrack, creating an emotional, musical landscape, to all 10 stories, making each chosen scene come to vivid life. Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories gives us a rare glimpse at the double-edged sword that is the life of an artist.